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We offer evidence based programs that help you build skills to manage your chronic health conditions and promote wellbeing. The programs are designed to help people manage low mood, anxiety, stress, or pain. They are delivered online over 8 to 10 weeks, with weekly support from a trained professional. The programs are offered through Lawson Health Research Institute and St. Joseph’s Health Care London, Parkwood Institute.

Our Team

Our Research

The overall aim of our research is to promote wellbeing and activity engagement among individuals aging with chronic health conditions such as chronic pain, spinal cord injury, brain injury, and stroke. We develop and implement web-based programs that allow individuals to develop skills to self-manage their emotional and physical symptoms related to their condition. We also evaluate psychosocial factors that are linked to positive and negative outcomes of aging with chronic health conditions. Understanding these factors helps to personalize and targeted tailored mental health programs for individual needs.